Lauren Sanchez Is A Genius!

In covering a live car chase earlier tonight on UPN 13 News, here was a brief exchange Lauren Sanchez had with her co-anchor Rick Garcia:

Lauren [to the car being pursued]: “Pull over to the side.”
Rick [to Lauren]: “I don’t think they can hear you.”

Makes you wonder who’d win an IQ test: Lauren (who is apparently pregnant, according to Jillian on Tuesday morning’s edition of Good Day L.A.), Jackie Johnson, or Jillian Barbarie (rumored to be posing for Playboy soon?).

UPDATE: LA Observed gives some linky love.

7 thoughts on “Lauren Sanchez Is A Genius!”

  1. I think that’s enough to make Sasha Foo look like a rocket scientist. (If anyone wants to bring Sasha Foo back to LA I’d be more than happy to see her leave San Diego!)


  2. Be sure to add the new weather girl on KTLA to the list. Yeah, she’s cute, and yes, she seems like a lot of fun and a nice person . . . but she comes across as /such a fucking ditz/ I want to kill myself.

  3. Sounds like someone quoting lines from “LA Story” to me . . . .

    But I’m never one to presume local news types are smarter than they usually are.

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