fifty bucks worth of funny for just five bucks

Tonight, I’m performing in a show called Monogram Sweater, at The Second City Theatre in Hollywood.

It’s a monologue show, in a very small intimate setting. I’m going to perform my short story The Trade.

Sadly, once I was home and on the kitchen floor, the reality of the trade did not meet the grand build up it had been given by my young imagination. That single push did not send my heros to quick safety. Rather, it sent them forward about 6 inches and to the left, coming to an anticlimactic rest against the front of the dishwasher. Only the constant presence of my grimy 8 year-old fist would give them adequate propulsion away from danger. And the foot-peg technology was quickly replaced by the more reliable scotch-tape-and-rubber band technology.

The novelty of rolling that Land Speeder around the floor quickly wore off, and I really missed my Death Star.

Tickets are just five bucks, which you can totally score in about thirty minutes on any freeway off ramp in Southern California, provided your cardboard sign is easy to read. Details, including address and showtimes are on a spiffy flyer which you can view at WWdN:in Exile, but for those of you who like to cut-n-paste:

WHAT: Monogram Sweater (Funny. Personal. Stories.)
WHERE: Second City Theatre -8156 Melrose Avenue, next to the Improv
WHEN: Thursday, December 8, 2005. 8PM.

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  1. well i garentee youve heard this before but you were awesome on star trek. i figured id look this up bc i saw you on vh1. i think the expierenc you had on star trek is awesome. im a geek myself and i love all the star treks and whenever they are on i tape them. My favorite show. to tell you how geeky i am im building a hovercraft in my garage. yea i know im cool just i have no life o well props to you and your accomplishments and i hevent yet but i would liek to read your books

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