@#$*($& cauliflower!

http://blogging.la/archives/images/2005/12/nottoli-thumb.jpgFor the unitiated, giardiniera is a pepper-and-oil condiment used widely throughout the Chicagoland area on indigenous fatty faves like Italian beef sandwiches (a kind of French dip by way of Sicily).

The BF and I have almost burned through the 17 billion jars of Chicago gold he smuggled home from his trip back last January and this stuff is all but impossible to find out here. I’ve seen the occasional jar of pickled giardiniera (ick) at specialty grocers and today, I found some Il Primo brand at Sorrento Foods in Culver City (tiny url link here)–in oil, but tainted with carrots and cauliflower (double and triple ick).

I can mail order a fairly decent brand (Dell’ Alpe) but I was wondering if anyone out there knew of an Italian specialty foods motherlode I was missing here in the 323-adjacent: someplace that would appreciate the fineness of a giardiniera marinated in olive oil, heavy on the olives, light on the celery.

4 thoughts on “@#$*($& cauliflower!”

  1. You can find it at Monte Carlo on Magnolia in Burbank. They are the best market in LA. Everything is imported. (Bay Cities sells Boars Head deli meats- yuck!!)

  2. I second the motion for Monte Carlo in Burbank. I don’t know if they are the best Itaian market in L.A. because, frankly I never go anywhere else and so don’t have anything to compare it to. But be sure to get a number if it’s crowded.

  3. I’ve seen that stuff at Jon’s in Huntington Beach. They have all sorts of crazy stuff in their deli.

    Jon’s is on Goldenwest and McFadden, right off 405.

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