Anatomy Of A Strange Picture

It could be just me, but I had to double read the headline accompanying the lead picture of the “Dodger News” email in my inbox. Was a philosophical statement being made in regards to this guy’s consequence to the team? His physical stature maybe? No, his last name is Little. Gotcha, but still…


Then there’s the picture itself. I’m going to assume that spinning orb (perhaps a baseball) was the object of his attention when this image was snapped and that it’s supposed to scream “Little’s A Man Who’s Got His Eye On The Ball!” But I’m sorry, his expression screams “What The Fuck Have I Gotten Myself Into?!”

Guess we’ll find out.

3 thoughts on “Anatomy Of A Strange Picture”

  1. Watching him at the press conference… He’s either scared shitless of being on big media, or he is dumbfounded at his current situation. Either way, I was not impressed. However, as Yogi might say, the proof is in the pie. We shall see.

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