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A friend has been to a few of the recent screenings that’ve been held as a part of Variety’s Los Angeles 2005 Screening Series. These screenings “…showcase over 30 of the most anticipated films from major and independent studios, followed by a Q&A with the director, producer, writer and/or cast members.”

Here are some facts about these previews:

  • They’re held usually at least a week before they hit theatres nationwide.
  • There’s usually a Q&A session with the cast and crew afterwards, which can be a real trainwreck because the questions asked by the audience can be really asinine.
  • They’re held at the Arclight in Hollywood,
  • They’re *free*.

Recent films that’ve screened include Brokeback Mountain, Rent, Transamerica, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch & The Wardrobe, and Syriana.

In addition, two of the most anticipated films of the month are being previewed this week: Memoirs of a Geisha tonight and King Kong tomorrow night.

As of this writing, advance screenings of Good Night and Good Luck and The New World are still available, and Munich is listed as UPDATE: Mrs. Henderson Presents and The New World are still available, but Good Night and Good Luck is sold out and Munich just sold out in the past few minutes.

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  1. Hey all. Not saying you won’t be able to get in, and it may be they’re just trying to keep numbers down, but I had already sent an email to Variety about this confusion I had, and received the following response:

    Actually, our Series is not for Variety subscribers, it is for invited Guild members only. We have sent out invitations as such and check guild cards at the door.

    Unfortunately, whoever sent the link and told you this was an open screening to Subscribers was mistaken. While we sometimes have a few extra seats avavilable for uninvited guests, Munich will have heavy security at the studio’s request and all names will be checked against our oringinal
    invitation list.

    I apologize for any confusion and thank you for your interest in our Series.

    Kate Mazzuca
    LA Screening Series Coordinator

    So I’m not saying don’t go, but I just wanted to let you know what the “official” response was.

  2. Hm. I received a confirmation letter, or what I think is a confirmation letter, already, and booked tix for Munich, Good Night and Good Luck, and the New World.
    So the question is – do I show up and risk getting shot down?
    Koga, can you look into this?

  3. I didn’t get a confirmation e-mail, but I did print out the confirmation page. When I went to the actual screening, my name was on a list. So no problem. I recommend you go.

  4. Where exactly are you guys applying to get these screening tickets?? I never seem to win through the random drawings through arclight cinema’s for the variety screenings?? Someone please help me :)

  5. Koga: Thanks for the update. I actually did receive the confirm emails. I’ll be trying for Good Night and Good Luck on Monday… if theres a problem, I’ll report back!

    Daisy: These appear to be all booked for now.

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