L.A. Times: Another Day, Another Blogger*

Fresh from Thursday’s Weekend Calendar section cover story by Scott Martelle on L.A. bloggers, the page-one cover feature by Mary McNamara in Sunday’s Calendar takes us behind the scenes of the engaging insider’s view of the film industry brought to us by Totally Unauthorized, written by a veteran lighting technician who goes by the blogonym Peggy Archer and pulls no punches about her work and the strange hours she must keep.

There’s something vaguely unwholesome about drinking a post-work beer at 7 am.

The world is just waking up, parents are dropping their kids off at school (well, not on Saturday, but you get the idea), lines are forming at coffee places, and I’m cracking open a cold one while I watch the morning traffic report, grateful to have made it home in one piece.

We shut the doors of our truck just as the sun was coming up – the end of our weeklong night exterior extravaganza.

Personally I dig Peggy and her viewpoint. She’s frank and funny and illuminates the harsh and sometimes dangerous reality of life toiling behind the camera. As for the Times, if they’re going to start dropping bloggers on us every few days, might I suggest the next article be the first of a multi-part series on bloggers who hate articles on blogging? Some of the adjectives I read describing Thursday’s piece were: innocuous, inferior, insipid, irrelevant, immaterial, incompetent, indigestible, indulgent, inept.


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4 thoughts on “L.A. Times: Another Day, Another Blogger*”

  1. I dunno. Peggy’s blog is pretty interesting, and as the Times tries so hard to ignore the rank n’ file of Hollywood, I was pleasantly surprised to see this blog features. Too bad the various sections don’t communicate with each other, so that we wouldn’t have duplication. I think the chief dissatisfation with the Thursday piece was the laziness of the writer.

  2. You have got to be kidding me. That blog was highlighted in the LAT? What the fuck? Roderick has given her a couple of plugs so I went and had a look a month or so ago. Needless to say, I never returned.

  3. Ouch.

    Maybe you just came by on a bad day for me?

    Even if you’ve dissed me in public – I still like your blog and will vote for you in the URBs.

  4. Cold, Rodger, cold.
    Peggy’s blog rocks because she writes entirely for herself, and it remains interesting. It exemplifies what a great personal blog should be.
    I also enjoy 8763 Wonderland, but the writer keeps making himself out to be a dick.

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