Riding in a Winter Wonderland, Finally

The huge ski/snowboard event SkiDazzle started yesterday. If you’re looking for a good deal on ski or snowboard equipment, head down to the Convention Center before 11 p.m. Sunday and fork over your $15. If you’re not interested in paying to get into a snow show, then I recommend Billy’s Board Shop in Montrose (now that Green Sector in the Valley is closed). But don’t sweat that entry fee too much. It gets you a free (with significant restrictions) lift ticket to Bear Mountain and Snow Summit, both of which are opening this weekend with limited terrain. Thank god, because I’ve been watching CO and Mammoth get plenty of snow for weeks and it’s been making it hard to appreciate all the nice weather we’ve been having. And if you’re a fan of Mountain High I think they’ve opened already. But I have no intention of riding there so don’t quote me on that.