Nellie McKay, Part Three…

Today’s edition of The LA Times reported (link via Large Hearted Boy) on Nellie McKay‘s on-stage breakdown at The Troubadour, but they made it sound like it was still an ongoing mess.

But as I mentioned yesterday, according to someone who was in the audience at her performance the following night at Largo, it’s been resolved:

Nellie prefaced the show to say that Sony has given her the full CD. I heard there were label people at the Troubadour and her outburst might have done the trick. But she was still pissed and a little worked up over the fact that she even had to “take it to the streets” as she said. “I got my 65 minute CD I should be happy” but she continued to rag on Sony, urging everyone to steal anything and everything they can from major corporations and said if she was computer savvy she would be stealing music online.

Seems a bit odd that they didn’t update their story.

2 thoughts on “Nellie McKay, Part Three…”

  1. I noticed the same thing today. Funny that I’m actually more informed than the LA Times, and about something I don’t really care about.

  2. I dunno who this girl is, but she sounds nuts and I like it. Anyone who trashes the recording industry is ok in my book :)

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