Get your 99¬¢ worth…while you can!

Disclaimer: I am a huge Ken Roht fan and a member of/graphic designer for the Evidence Room, co-producer of the annual “99¬¢ show”, the all-original singing, dancing, and (this year) EATING holiday extravaganza.

I just got back from the 2nd, nearly-sold-out preview of “Route 99: Orange Star Dinner Show” and I can say with 100% sincerity that it is a rip-roarin’, knee-slappin’ good time. The food looked pretty good, too‚Äîeven the spam appetizer (or, as it’s called on the menu, “Hawaiian-style sushi roll”).

The show has been a perennial crowd-pleaser and much blogged about‚Äîmainly by me, but I’m not the only fan. It’s also been written up big time in the mainstream press this year, so it’s nearly sold out. There are a few dinner tickets left and a few more regular seats, but don’t dilly-dally‚Äîthey’ll be gone lickety-split, pardners.

Call the ER for reservations at (213) 381-7118. I think we’re guaranteeing reservations with a credit card this time: $25 with dinner, $15 without. Well worth it, whether you eat or just feast your eyes and ears.