Celebrity Blogger: Elisha Cuthbert…

Joining the ranks of our very own Wil, Elisha Cuthbert has a blog (link via goldenfiddle).

And lest you think her posts detail what it’s like hanging out with the likes of her House of Wax costar Paris Hilton, they’ve been about hockey for the National Hockey League.

Thus far, she’s only had four of her posts published (the last one dating back to November 21st about “The Art of Booing”), but let’s hope it lasts a little longer than George Clooney’s blog (link via Defamer), which is now 404.

(I e-mailed a few friends about her blog, and the ones who are hockey fans replied that they’re now in love with her.)

UPDATE: Both LA Observed and Defamer have picked up on the story. And she’s also dating L.A. Kings teammember Sean Avery.

5 thoughts on “Celebrity Blogger: Elisha Cuthbert…”

  1. I’ve always been in love (well, lust) with her. Now I love her even more. Not for blogging, but for being a hockey fan!

  2. I love this girl, she’s so gorgeous. I’m a HUGE fan. Well, she definitely bounced back up into the dating scene after about a week break. Good luck to her.

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