Trendy STDs?!

I find it rather shocking yet hilarious that only in the oh-so-wonderful world of the adult industry (based in the San Fernando Valley but primarily in Chatsworth) would having (certain forms of) STDs be considered trendy.

More disgusting NSFW discussion after the jump (hooray!).


Ashley Blue writes on XPT:

The fashionable STDs to get contaminated with are:

1. staph infections
2. vaginitis
3. throat gonorrhea
4. chronic yeast infections

If you have these STDs, you are so last year.

1. chlamidia
2. cold sores
3. crabs
4. pink eye

John Floofin writes: “The longer that I kick “throat gonorrhea” around in my brain, the deeper the horror.”

Jeff Steward of JM Productions writes: “It’s funny how before Gag Factor there was no throat gonorrhea and now it’s spreading like a wildfire. At JM Productions we don’t follow trends, we create them.”