The Ditty Bops Love To Bike!

2005_12_01_the_ditty_bops.jpgSpeaking of music, I don’t think that it’s any surprise that while Tony Pierce‘s favorite band is Tsar, mine are The Ditty Bops (who’ve been mentioned before at here, here, and here).

Abby and Amanda (who are performing a few songs tonight at Largo as guests of Mitchell Froom) are ardent fans of bicycling as a mode of transportation around L.A. They are currently selling a 2006 Bicycle Bikini Calendar and their now-sold out show at the Silent Movie Theatre next Thursday will feature music, shadow puppetry, burlesque dancers, bikinis, and yes, bicycles.

As it turns out, they practice what they preach (link via Gene Bisbee):

Yes, they actually ride their bikes around Los Angeles. You might find them riding to an interview at a West Hollywood cafe (la-dee-da), or on one of the numerous LA rides (Amanda informed me they just did the Mango Tree Ride) or maybe you’ll catch them whizzing past you down Sunset Blvd.

I did read however that their handlebars have tassels hanging from them, and that they both get up at 6 am every weekday to sell homemade pasta at the farmers market…

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C.I.C.L.E. Tell us a little about why you are so into bikes, what started the love affair, and how serious are you about this relationship?

Abby I went to college at UC Davis in California and got back into bike riding there. I haven’t stopped riding since and now I ride all the time. I don ‘t have a car. I commute to guitar lessons, farmer’s markets, friends apartments by bicycle.

C.I.C.L.E. Is there any correlation between your riding and lovin’ bikes and your artistic inspiration? Does it assist you in some way to open up creatively?

Abby It is absolutely neccessary for me to get physical activity before I can be creative. Otherwise I feel like a slug or sloth. Bike ridiing is just one of the ways for me to feel healthy and strong.

C.I.C.L.E. Your calendar is uber sexy… it’s particularly eye catching (shall we say) for several reasons: clever execution, very pretty bikes, fab bikinis…and the fact that you actually ride bikes, not just pose next to them. What inspired you to make this calendar?

Amanda We made a bikini calendar a couple years ago with friends and it was so fun we wanted to do it again. This time we wanted it to showcase bikes because we love bikes and because there are too many chick/hot rod-car-calendars. We wanted it to be playfully sexy and fantastical. It was so fun to shoot and our photographer Rick Whitmore who is also our web designer is absolutely an AMAZING artist and a joy to work with.

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