No Touchy, No Money, Part Deux…

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: What’s the point of going to a strip club if you can’t get lap dances? Plus the concept of forcing strippers to pay for a permit seems rather nutty, even if it does sound well-intentioned.

Beginning this January, professional strippers must pay the city [of Pico Rivera] $415 for an “adult business performer permit” – plus $60 for a background check.

“It’s in the city’s best interest to do as much as we can legally do to make sure the people who participate in this type of employment are reputable,” said City Councilman Ron Beilke.

It smacks of discrimination, said LeRoy Smith, who is the co-owner of the city’s only strip joint, Imperial Showgirls, which features all-nude dancers but no alcohol. …

City Attorney Jamie Casso said Pico Rivera has the right to impose the stripper fee, which was included in the city’s operating standards for adult entertainment businesses adopted in 2002.

Under the standards, strippers have to be licensed in order to perform. Also, dancers at strip clubs must never leave the stage while performing.

No touching is allowed between dancers and club patrons, and patrons must refrain from tossing tips onto the stage, no matter how appreciative they are of the performance, according to the regulations.

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This club has had quite a storied history (NSFW) since it opened:

This club has been in the news a lot since it opened in 2002. When they first opened, they had 350+ picketers outside the club, and police were stationed outside the club to control the crowd. Pretty crazy stuff.

When I visited this weekend [in 2004], there were only a handful of picketers, and by court order, they now have to be on the sidewalk outside the parking lot of the strip mall. Therefore, once you get onto the property, they are far away. However, they are pretty loud and you can still hear them shouting at the customers, especially female customers entering the club. Do these people have nothing better to do?

3 thoughts on “No Touchy, No Money, Part Deux…”

  1. Seriously Koga, if there’s any time your photobloggy goodness is needed, it is when you’re in the company of strippers and porn stars. I like people driving poorly and all, but who doesn’t love naked women? :D

  2. “It’s in the city’s best interest to do as much as we can legally do to make sure the people who participate in this type of employment are reputable.”

    However, its in the customers best interest for the people who participate in that type of employment to be as disreputable as possible.

  3. Wait, so the girls can’t do lap dances *or* get tips on stage? Who’s paying the dancers? Where are they supposed to get the money for their “stripper fees”??

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