L.A. Times: It’s A Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog World

December 1, 2005 at 7:26 am in Uncategorized

With an awesome lead photo of Blogging.la’s own Heathervescent backdropped by the downtown skyline along wth a fair share of ink devoted to her personal blog, the L.A. Times’ Scott Martelle takes a run around some of the the local bloghoods in today’s Calendar section and finds the glorious normalness of it all:

This is the daily face Los Angeles bloggers present to the world, and it is decidedly different from the image forged by decades of television, movie, newspaper, magazine and literary portrayals of the SoCal lifestyle. In this new etherworld, Hollywood, flowering bougainvillea and beaches are augmented by internal landscapes, closely observed neighborhoods, musings on politics or relationships and behind-the-scenes looks at myriad elements of local life.

Martelle spotlights a variety of area-based online endeavors large and small, from Gawker and Patterico to El Sereno’s Encie — even my wife Susan’s Cinnamon Thoughts, which debuted but a couple months ago. Blogging.la itself only gets mentioned in the rather insubstantial sidebar/blogroll, kind of a shame since the headline of the piece was… “Blogging L.A”.

Let the “What, no Tony Pierce!?” “What, no LAist!?” What, no 8763 Wonderland Avenue!?” harumphing and pfffft-ing begin.

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