Call of duty: Jury edition – part 3

I went down to the courthouse this morning to report for my jury service. After filling out an affidavit saying I’m not a dirty commie (or something like that), I was selected for a panel. About 50 of us went to the courtroom and filled out a form with some simple questions on it. I did fill out one section saying that I would prefer a postponement because I have 4 business trips scheduled in December, but since that doesn’t cause me any personal financial hardship, I was asked to stay on the panel and return for jury selection on Monday. By the way, I wasn’t trying to get out of service altogether, I just wanted to postpone it. However, since I’d already been granted one postponement this year I was ineligible for another.

It’s a pretty straightforward process so far. The standard rules apply – no talking about the case with anyone, no research on the topics being discussed, etc. I don’t know if I’ll be selected for the actual jury yet, though – that process doesn’t start until next week. Though I’m glad that I got switched from the criminal court to civil court (because I’m a big pansy and don’t want to hold someone else’s fate in my hands), I’m a little concerned about my ability to remain impartial for this particular case. That said, I filled out my questionnaire about how I felt about the topic of the case honestly, so I’ll be interested to see what the judge and attorneys say on Monday.