OC Shooter Asked Something Awful Users Where to Buy Ammo

How messed up is this…you know the OC kid that put on a crazy suit and went on a shooting rampage last week? Well, here’s a link to a Something Awful thread (with other links to earlier threads) where the users are realizing that it’s the same kid that posted the thread about where to buy heavy buckshot earlier and he actually bought heavy buckshot based on their recommendations and then went out and killed two people. The thread title, Holy Fucking Shit, couldn’t be more apt.

Speaking With The Enemy

Below is a transcript of a telephone call with the governator that took place only in my head, but now that he only wants voters who agree with his bullshit agenda to go out of the polling place next week because a low turnout is the only way he’ll win, this call could very well happen, I swear!

Me [answering the phone]: Hello?
Arnold: Hello dare. Dees eez duh governor of caulifourneeya calling. May I speak wit William Camp Bell?
Me: It’s Campbell, you ass. One word. Like the soup. Mmm Mmm good. Try it again.
Arnold: Camp. Bell. May I speak wit Willi –.
Me: No. Cam and bull together. Cam… bull. Campbell. Once more.
Arnold: No. Dis eez not important. You are Mr. Camp –. You are him?
Me [sighing]: Fine. Yes, I am him. What do you want, you idiot. You ridiculous excuse for a political leader. You illegitimate and usurping novice and despicably opportunistic pretender to the California throne?
Arnold [ignoring me]: I just wanted to tell you that, uh… you are I suppose aware of the election next week?
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Post-Partum Depression

spidey.jpgFrom a decorations standpoint, Halloween is not at all like Christmas. The latter’s lights and such might not come down for at least a week after that big day, but when Halloween is over, it’s done. Stick a pitchfork in it. By 8:30 p.m. after the stream of trick-or-treaters finally runs dry, the spooky soundtrack gets shut off and the pair of ghostly figures chasing each other around in the dim library (thanks to the ceiling fan) are relieved of duty.

By the following sunrise there’s just no logic to leaving the jacked lanterns out in the sun and Santa-Ana’d warmth to begin the nasty decomp slump into their own gooey-ghastliness. And that giant spider that looked so at home hanging off the side of the house last night is in need of immediate eviction this first morning of November. Thus there I was out around dawn before my morning coffee pulling down the skeletons and pulling up the tombstones and restoring the yard to its un-hallowy state.

Though I put the decorations away without looking back, it is not without mourning Halloween’s passing, and thankfully for anyone dead-icated like me still jonesing for some spooky stuff, there is Day of the Dead action to be found on Olvera Street beginning at 6:30 p.m. through November 2. Also from November 2 -5 from 6 a.m. – 8 p.m. at the Not A Cornfield Project there will be a Day of the Dead Ofrenda (offering) available for the general public to actively participate in and view.

Ghosts in 3D

If you didn’t get enough spookiness last night, the Museum of Jurassic Technology is hosting an evening salon of 3D Ghost Stories by Claudia Kunin tonight from 7-10 pm. I am a huge fan of MJT and have been visiting it for years. I still enjoy the Kircher dioramas, decaying die and x-rays of flowers. If you prefer to walk the fine line between reality and imagination this is one stop you will not want to miss. The MJT is in Culver City at 9341 Venice Blvd.

Red Light Cameras, or not?

Here’s some fun Tuesday morning info about those Red Light Cameras all over the city – They haven’t been working since June. Of course that info wasn’t made public because the people who put these things up in the first place wanted people to think they were still working. You know, a “visual deterrent” because the make the intersections safer, right? Wrong. Not only do they NOT prevent accidents, but they seem to encourage them. That’s right, accidents go UP at intersections after Red Light Cameras are installed. But the city makes more money from tickets, so that’s OK right? I mean, unless the cameras haven’t been working in months, they we get all of the accidents without any of the ticket revenue. But all will be better soon since the Council Public Safety Committee just voted 3-2 to go ahead and spend $3.12 million to double the number of red light cameras here in LA. Way to go.

Bonus – Bernard Parks, Ed Reyes and Jack Weiss voted in favor, Dennis Zine and Greig Smith (both former LAPD officers) voted against.

Red Light! Green Light!

Of the 12,642,345,218 12,642,345,281 intersections in Los Angeles, a whopping 16 have those red-light cameras, purportedly responsible for a reduction in traffic collisions and the issusance of some 63,000 citations in their first four years of service.

Love ’em or hate ’em, the L.A. Times today is reporting that Councilman Dennis Zine is outing himself from the bureaucracy closet to let city citizens know that well, uh… the cameras have been off for the past four months because the contract with the company that operates the cameras was allowed to expire last June. And since our esteemed cty councilpersons are being extra-special cautious and duly diligent (read that as “taking their sweet old time because there’s other more important stuff to do like tally up last night’s arrest count brought on by the Halloween silly string ban”) in selecting a new company, Zine’s saying the cams might not be back up stopping crime and crashes until sometime in 2006.

Why the glacial drag in copping to the shut down? Zine’s all: why the hell not… what the people don’t know can’t hurt ’em.

“There’s an advantage until the public finds out they’re not doing anything,” he said.

Is he talking about the council or the cameras?

Zine continues: “It’s like parking a police car in front of a building and not having a police officer nearby. What good does that do? It’s good until people realize there’s a police car parked there and there’s on one connected to the car.”

Thanks for that analogy, Denny. Bureaucracy rocks don’t it? And in a related story the council yesterday admitted to finally abandoning its three-month-old official support for the Dodgers staging a spectacular comeback and winning the World Series last month.