Peck Plaque Purloined, or Star’s Star Snatched, or… Whatever

gpstar.jpgThe L.A. Times’s Bob Pool reports today that Gregory Peck’s 43-year-old star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame near Gower Street was removed sometime last Sunday.

Peck’s star is located near that of the late comedian Lucille Ball. Ironically, in an episode of her “I Love Lucy” show, Ball once tried digging up John Wayne’s footprints from the forecourt at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.

Pool and Honorary H’wood Mayor Johnny Grant use the tribute’s alleged abduction to gloss the boulevard’s new camera system as the potential cure-all for such high crimes:

But new video surveillance cameras being installed along the Walk of Fame may put an end to that.

“They hadn’t gotten to Hollywood and Gower with them yet,” Grant said. “One of the next cameras is supposed to go in right there.”

So let me get this straight JG and BP… a thief or thieves show up near Gower Gulch with a substantially bulky/noisy/messy concrete cutting utensil, spend what I can only concieve was a pretty good chunk of time required to excavate the thing, make off with it, and somehow you’re all just gung-ho to rely on a video camera that may or not be monitored at the time of the crime?

My stars, but don’t I feel safer already.

2 thoughts on “Peck Plaque Purloined, or Star’s Star Snatched, or… Whatever”

  1. Fist of all, how the heck do you pull that off? Aren’t they cemented into the ground? Second of all, I’ve always wanted to make my mark on Hollywood, this seems to be the quick and easy way to do so, Third of all, Alliteration is always awesome, alright?

  2. I think with a concrete saw one would just cut through the four sides to the dirt underneath and then it’s pretty much a matter of just lifting the thing out. It’s still somewhat time consuming and amazing that no one noticed it or contacted the authorities. It makes me wonder if the perps were wearing uniforms… maybe even put up some yellow tape around the destruction zone to make it look official.

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