NO RideArc This Friday

November 30, 2005 at 7:02 pm in Uncategorized

Although I don’t have any details as to the theme of the ride, as far as I know, the ride is still on and will be meeting at 9pm this Friday at the SCI-Arc parking lot. I’ll see you there (and don’t forget, next week is the Downtown Art Ride on Thursday and Midnight Ridazz on Friday)! [Here is my write up from the last RideArc] Here is an excerpt from an email that for some reason I must have missed [thanks to Will Campbell for pointing this out in the comments]:

We regretfully (really, you don’t know how regretfully….) cancel this month’s RIDE-Arc which was supposed to happen this Friday evening. Unfortunately, we were a bit late in notifying this planet’s weather systems, which coincidentally planned a nice slopping of rain for the Los Angeles area this Friday. We’ve discussed amongst ourselves how much a long bike ride in the rain (or a recently rained-ground) wouldn’t be the most pleasurable of experiences, so we regretfully cancel this week’s ride. We’re very sorry for an inconveniences this may cause…

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