Mica! Mica!

November 30, 2005 at 6:21 pm in Uncategorized

If you’re looking to get a new identity, head on down to MacArthur Park. I think most people that have lived here for awhile know that, but the Times breaks it down for the n00b5.

When first moved here, a man approached me while I was waiting to pull out of a McDonald’s at Alvarado/Beverly and offered to sell me a new Social Security card. At the time, I thought that was pretty crazy and I must be in a pretty shady part of town. Little did I know that eight years later I’d be buying a house only four blocks away! Admittedly, a lot has been done to clean up this area (Rampart/MacArthur Park/HiFi) since then. I haven’t seen anybody hawking ID’s at Mickey D’s for a long time.

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