Frozen in time

So this is really weird – for the last 10 minutes or so, my cable reception has been completely frozen. I was watching some cheesy made-for-TV movie (what? when I’m ovulating, I watch sappy chick flicks. deal with it) and it just stopped mid-sentence. So, thinking it might just be that channel, I flipped through to see what the others were doing. Every channel I’ve switched to is suspended in some kind of weird thing, like a still photo from a promotional photoset. Except it’s just not working and eerily quiet.

Anyone else dealing with Adelphia meltdown right now?

8 thoughts on “Frozen in time”

  1. Yes…I am. I was listening to “Cops” while cleaning the kitchen and whammo… all my channels say I don’t subscribe. Guess redneck tv as background noise is not an option tonight.

  2. Yep. Did that for me during Conan O’Brien. Also, it was out Thanksgiving morning during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade and football parades, ’til a little before noon. Lately, it’s been “sticking” like that a lot on certain channels, like of the VH1/MTV/TV Land variety, but only for like 1 minute, to the point where I wondered if it was a satellite. Last night though it was everything. I fucking hate Adelphia. I was told it was my only option in Silver Lake when I moved here 6 years ago, but I’m going to check that out again or look into Direct TV.

  3. people people PEOPLE
    repeat after me… “DIRECT TV”… combined with TiVo and you have state o the art electronic hookup. ADELPHIA is bad bad BAD!!

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