Call of duty: Jury edition

I received a summons for jury duty back in August for a September service date, but postponed it because I had a full month of booked business trips in September. This week is the latest week I could move it to. Ah, the life of a road warrior. Anyway, I intend to blog the whole process as I go, since I’ve never gone through it before. I know we’ve had jury duty-related posts on before, but hey – this is an updated version!

The first step in jury duty is to call in the night before the designated reporting date and find out if you need to show up at the designated courthouse. Tonight, I called in, and I found out that I wasn’t needed tomorrow. That means that I need to call again Monday after 5 p.m. and find out if I’m needed on Tuesday. If not, lather, rinse, repeat all week. If so, I plan to blog as much as I can when I can. They don’t allow camera phones in the courthouse, so I can’t photoblog it, but I’ll take my trusty Moleskine and take notes, and update when I have access to teh internets. Exciting, no?

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  1. Make sure you bring plenty to do – my husband and I both were on jury selection recently (neither of us were picked for a case) and you pretty much wait around all day. If you have a laptop, those are allowed in the jury room. So are knitting needles, which one of my fellow jurors had been told were verboten.

  2. Believe it or not, I’m in exactly the same boat. I called in last night and didn’t need to come in today, too. I had post-poned my date to the latest possible time, too.

    Weird coincidence. I guess the whole blogosphere makes the world smaller, doesn’t it?

  3. When I served earlier this year, they did have internet access, but it was something like $10/day and NOT wireless. I thought I’d transfer what I’d written on my laptop via a thumbdrive, but I also couldn’t get their PC to recognize the drive. Forewarned is forearmed…

  4. If you go to the downtown courthouse, you’ll have access to pay-by-minute computers with internet access. The connection, however, is painfully slow —

  5. I wonder about the whole ‘do not discuss this with anyone’ rule that you’re given, when you’re on jury duty.

    As I’m a gov’t employee, they loved me – and I got put onto a 3 week long case. For fear of a mistrial, I didn’t blog about the case until after the entire thing was finished.

  6. David: right, I wasn’t planning to blog about the case itself, just the process – like, what happens when you get there, what happens during the selection process, etc.

    Unfortunately, right now I still just have to blog about how I call in every day and get told not to report.

  7. I had to serve on a jury in April. It was a rape trial that lasted 7 days. If you are at the criminal courts building downtown, DO NOT EAT AT THE CAFETERIA. They give you a long lunch hour. Hop on the DART and go anywhere else, like Phillipe’s for dip sandwiches. I also recommend the cafe at the cathedral.

  8. Ugh. So I got pulled into one panel selection on Thursday, then broke for lunch (went to the L.A. Mall and got me some Robeks). After lunch, I was eliminated after about an hour and sent back to juror assembly.

    After hanging out another hour, I was sent in to another court, where about an hour was wasted while they got their act together and eliminated financial hardships (27!). Then they sent us away and asked us to come back Tuesday. Greeeaaat. Some “privilege.”

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