And just like that… 35!

I know you’ve barely had time to read through everything up in Vancouver but just in case, we’re launching another city for you to check out. As of this morning Islamabad is the 35th Metroblogging city. W00t!

5 Replies to “And just like that… 35!”

  1. Wow, that is truly amazing! Even the state department can’t get into Islamabad :)

    It truly is quite an accomplishment. Great work!!!

  2. thanks for getting Vancouver online, too!! now I can find out what’s happening in my hometown (about 10% of what happens in L.A.). plus, one of my friends that I sent that way has already been accepted to blog! w00t!

  3. There are at least two blogs that I’m aware of, that highlight the different bloggers in San Diego. So, I know there are a lot of San Diego based bloggers in the world.

    The question is – how do we get organized, and how do we become a part of the metro blogging family?

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