LA Face (R)Evolution

I’m fascinated with evolution. I know that because of the everyday use computers, we now think differently. We have evolved our consciousness….and are now even more connected to each other than ever before, just from using computers. The same goes for wrinkles….I think LA may be on the forefront of the evolution (revolution?) in wrinkle eradication.

Out of all jobs I’ve had in the illustrious world of entertainment, the silliest was working for Playboy TV. Creating and producing shows for that network, I got a real close-up view of the good, the bad and the uglies of plastic surgery. One perk was that I DID find out which plastic surgeon does the best breasts, who can fix a bad nose job and who has the lightest touch with botox. So, years later, when a reality show I was doing had a woman who wanted a boob job….I went to the best for the show… Dr. Frank Ryan. It was a real education to be in the operating room and see what getting a perky rack entails. Yikes!

The upshot of all this is that all my girlfriends now come to me for advice on who to go to for botox and so on…so I send them to straight to Dr. Ryan. Today I accompanied my best friend to a visit with him….she seriously dreads needles, doctors and such, but hates her wrinkles even more, so decided to brave it and check out the results. I read in the paper the other day that as a result of poaching, elephants now seem to be evolving more and more without tusks as a survival mechanism. It occurred to me as I was watching her get shot up with botox and restyaline that as with everything, our skin must be evolving too. I wonder if one day as a defense mechanism against needles, we won’t start getting wrinkles until we hit sixty-five?

5 thoughts on “LA Face (R)Evolution”

  1. if wrinkles made it harder to reproduce this would surely be the case. . .do you think wrinkly girls have fewer kids?

  2. Acquired characterists aren’t inheritable. Our skin is not evolving due to plastic surgery.
    Elephants with big tusks die. Therefore elephants with smaller tusks dominate the breeding stock. Working for Playboy sounds so demeaning, even for TV.

  3. Ahh Rachel…working for Playboy was actually enlightening….we are all on this journey to learn and lucky for us if we get the opportunity to be playful in the process. Getting a first hand look at our commercialized and airbrushed sex culture through the lens of that experience was a blessing. Weird, yes, but wow!

    And Benjamin…I didn’t even think of it that way….but maybe yes!!! Maybe more wrinkles =less pool of men to breed with=less breeding(men are visual after all in their sexual preferences) which speaks to rachel’s trumpeting!

  4. My mom is 63 and has almost no wrinkles; she looks better than many 40-somethings. I don’t know how she does it (she doesn’t use botox and has never had a facelift – she’s a natural remedy type, hates all pharmaceuticals, etc.), aside from having a very strict diet and avoiding direct sunlight like the plague.

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