Song to a Seagull at Evidence Room/RenArts Academy

joni_invite_LAsml.gifA power outage last night sent me to the Evidence Room early, but the sheer brilliant joy of the show I saw there last night might lure me back there tonight.

Ken Roht‚Äîhe of the famed, original musical “99¬¢ Shows” that have been an increasingly popular holiday hit since he started doing them three years ago‚Äîis staging a series of benefit performances to raise money to mount the production. The show is four glorious singers performing the contents of Joni Mitchell’s “Song to a Seagull” album in its entirety. The only musical accompaniment is (miked) acoustic guitar, and, for a few songs, a small string section, courtesy of some wildly talented kids from the Renaissance Arts Academy in Eagle Rock.

It’s nothing less than transporting; in a few places, I was actually weeping with happiness, and based on the wild cheers, snuffling and puffy faces in the lobby afterwards, I wasn’t alone.

There is one more show at our lovely theater in HiFi tonight (call 213-381-7118) and one show at RenArts tomorrow (call 323-259-5700). Both shows are at 8PM and the suggested donation is 12 bucks (cheep). More than worth it, if you’re a fan of ungodly beautiful music, pure and true.

More info at the Orphean Circus site.