Everytime I open up the LA Weekly I bum out…

I haven’t posted in a long time so I figured the best way to get things rolling again is to get something off my chest. One thing that’s been bumming my world out lately is every time I open up the LA Weekly to see what bands/movies are playing, my eyes get raped with a page of photos like these below. This Cobrasnake douche (wearing his own shirt no less) and/or Steve DJ Kid Millionaire Aoki (also wearing his own shirt, can you say self promotion?) with shit-eating-grins turned on standing next to some celebrity. Wow cool, look how unexcited Chuck D looks to be in a photo with you geeks. So yeah, it’s either these clowns with famous people like Hillary Duff, Paris Hilton, Good Charlotte (or some other talent-less shmuck… hey, as long as they’re famous right?) or some drunk chick in American Apparel gym shorts and cowboy boots with a can of sparks in her hand dancing to The Killers. What’s the point? I’m I missing something? Is this not totally pointless? Where’s the substance? I think it should be legal to egg anyone wearing one of these “Cobrasnake shirts” (pictured below and also product placed in the latest LA Weekly). I’m not the only one who thinks like this, check out TheShitSnake.com. Who wants to bet The Shit Snake will be at that 30 Second To Mars thing that was posted below getting their photos taken with the retard from “My So Called Life”?

21 thoughts on “Everytime I open up the LA Weekly I bum out…”

  1. I couldn’t agree more. This no-talent ass clown is one hipster turd who definitely needs to be flushed. Has it been 15 minutes yet?

  2. Hipster4lyf and Mark: you just proved Travis’ point. We all know how vacant this city can be, but why do we keep celebrating the talentless who have no shame?

  3. Wow man, you couldn’t have said it any better… there it is… The Shit Snake in his own words… “i’m sorry you’re not popular enough to be invited to these parties.” Yeah dude… KEEP IT SHALLOW MAN!

    Lifestyles of the tasteless and clueless.

  4. i agree with travis. and to expand on what ron is saying. this city and this country is vacant and talentless and are only interested in promoting (or being apart of a project) that has been made off of a proven method that creates art.

    that may seem like a ramble but it does make sense.

    entertainment today is tired. how many part 2’s and 3’s of movies can be made? and how many re-makes of movies ruin the original (texas chainsaw anybody?). how many FUCKING chapters are in the closet with R. Kelly.

    i myself can’t wait for the times when band names are no longer a brand but a group of people who make killer music. i can’t wait until more movies like momento and natural born killers come out and try something different. i will not spend my $10 on some remake of a hairy ape or a geriatric boxer coming out of retirement to fight ONE MORE TIME.

    this world doesn’t need another nirvana or a john lennon. it just needs talent. something different.

    fuck brands. make art.

  5. you got it all wrong!
    only in NYC can you succeed in being talentless! the weather change adds for a different backdrop, making it ‘REAL”, not some staged LA face dancing crap cause your weather is always the same-
    come on out. Of course you can’t be bitches on the east coast – you really need to do drugs.

  6. Cobrasnake captures a joie de vivre rarely found in modern photography (or modern life, for that matter). His/her freedom of form and subject makes him/her the only breath of fresh air in a rag filled 50% with ads for cosmetic surgery. There are plenty of ugly people in cobrasnake’s work and that alone makes it worthwhile. That everybody pictured looks to be having the time of their lives, I say leave it the fuck alone.

  7. Perhaps La Weekly is no longer in your demographic. Whether through concious decision or not, they seem to cater more and more to late teens thru early twenties. I think you’ve just grown up.

  8. I love that there’s always the obligatory shot of one minority in all the layouts. Thanks for keeping it diverse and represe’in the city of LA. Maybe he should change the name to Whitesnake. Here I Go Again!!

  9. and we all thought the popularity contest ended after high school. this is one of the sharpest posts I’ve seen here. thanks travis.

  10. to the author of this post, there’s no such thing as bad press.

    my thoughts are this: he’s a regular hollywood-native kid who started photobloging and did it well enough to become successful from it. he’s only 20 years old, so i’m kind of impressed. so what if he takes an occasional picture with a celebrity or two, his site is obviously a personal photoblog. he’s admitted that his goofy likeness is his branding so photos with big celebrities or little know musicians are a cheap promotion tool. he doesn’t charge money or reap huge paychecks from his site. i think his ironic, fashionable, disgusting and silly photos will make a decent and interesting coffee table book someday.

    postscript: i’ve been a regular reader of blogging.la and art.blogging.la for over a year and the negative ‘i hate this‘ posts are always my least favorite.

  11. I’m glad everything in the world has to be sunshine and roses. How dare a blogger state something they don’t like! The shock. Travis, I love your posts. They are always the most amusing. Can I rub your pussy?

  12. That’s funny, I’ve been a writer for blogging.la for over 2 years and the negative ‘blah blah blah are my least favorite’ comments are my least favorite.

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