Aron’s Records closes – blames downloading

November 18, 2005 at 1:54 pm in Uncategorized

This is going to be some sucky news for anyone who actually enjoys record shopping but LA staple Aron’s Records is officially going out of business. This info is from LA Observed via Golden State Blog and while kind of upsetting, is not very shocking. What is shocking is where the blame is being directed. Anyone would have guessed fingers would be pointed at Amoeba since I can’t even count how many people I know stopped shopping at Aron’s the day Amoeba opened solely due to the ease of parking. Or maybe you could blame the shitty music the record industries have been cranking out for the last few years. But no…

[Klempner says] People simply aren’t buying CDs like they used to; they’re downloading, burning their own CDs, or file-trading online. “The iPod and lower-quality music is fine for them,” he says. “Some of our best customers haven’t bought CDs in years.”

Have you read a bigger crock of shit today? More like they haven’t bought a CD in year FROM ARON’S. Perhaps this guy didn’t get the memo that downloading not only doesn’t hurt record sales, it increases them. It’s such a cop-out to blame the “anonymous downloader.” The fact is that people are buying as much if not more music than ever, but they like it to be easy. While Aron’s was a great store it took an hour to find a parking spot and when I first started going there I was able to find what I was looking for, the last 3-4 times I went there they didn’t have what I wanted and weren’t interested in helping me find it. Amoeba takes seconds to park and since they have basically every record ever released in stock there’s no problems with finding things. And for new released, why even bother spending an hour going some place and parking and hunting for it when you can spend 2 minutes buying it on Amazon and have it shipped free? The problem isn’t downloading, it’s that the shopping experience sucks and people who don’t have to deal with that anymore aren’t going to.

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