It’s not your horrible driving–it’s your miserable effing attitude (a mid-autumn’s rant)

I got rear-ended tonight for the third time in less than two years. Same circumstances each time–distracted person in SUV on cell phone in left-hand turn-only lane behind me not paying attention, banged into the back of my little Corolla (okay, the first time was a Caddy, but that’s still, like, twice as big as my car).

Not enough to do any significant damage any of the times it happened, but I’ve picked up a souvenir ding on each one.

Tonight’s took the cake, though. She did pull onto a side street after she hit me–I’ll give her that. (Someone hit my writing partner two weeks ago, indicated he would pull over, then sped away once there was no way she could follow him). But after I’d gotten out of my car to inspect the damage and walked over to her BMV SUV (she didn’t think she needed to get out, I guess), the first thing she said to me was,

“I didn’t hit you that hard.”

Not “I’m sorry.” Not “Are you okay? I’m sorry.”

“I didn’t hit you that hard.”

And people wonder why other people hate them so much.


7 thoughts on “It’s not your horrible driving–it’s your miserable effing attitude (a mid-autumn’s rant)”

  1. I could be mistaken, but don’t they tell print on your insurance card something like:

    “If you get in an accident, DO NOT apologize or admit any guilt, even if it was your fault.”

    Still lame. Glad to hear you’re ok, Colleen.

  2. Yes, of course–you’re right, Joz. I didn’t really expect her to apologize.

    But I also didn’t expect her to actually be rude. I mean, it’s stupid, on top of everything else. Yes, I’m a nice guy and let her go, but I’ll bet more people than not (herself included) would have been less inclined to do after being treated rudely.

    But also-yes, the main thing was everyone was fine. Her ‘punishment’ was being woken up about her bad driving. The rudeness, that’s not my province…

  3. One time when I was rear-ended, the lady kept saying, “At least I pulled over,” like she was doing me some big favor by obeying the law and not leaving the scene of an accident.

  4. I was once lightly rear-ended. It was a light bump, but contact was made nevertheless. I get out and walk over to the car who hit me.

    What do I see? A Cadillac SUV and the driver is the on her cell phone.

    The driver rolls down the window and says, “What?”

    She had NO idea she even f***ing hit me. No idea.

  5. I had the distinction of being rear ended twice, then running into a box of metal goods dropped in my path from the back of an ill-loaded pick-up truck. All within a three-month time period.

    The woman in the first rear ending was fine about everything. The one in the second blamed the fact that traffic going up the freeway entrance went so fast… how this explained her rear ending me when the person in front of me stopped prompting me to stop and her to plow into my trunk is beyond me.

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