LAPD Gives preferential treatment to celebs? Say it aint so!

I’m not sure which is more surprising here – that people are actually shocked that the LAPD seems to give preferential treatment to celebrities of note, or that Paris Hilton and Steve-O are actually considered celebrities of note. Either way some folks have video of them apparently breaking laws right in front of LAPD officers who couldn’t care less and also are on the receiving end of something called a “knuckle handshake.” WTF is a knuckle handshake?

2 thoughts on “LAPD Gives preferential treatment to celebs? Say it aint so!”

  1. My guess: they figure it’s better to let stuff slide rather than having to interact with those scary motherfuckers any longer than necessary. Can you imagine three hours of paperwork with those two screeching next to you?

  2. “Traditional” palm-to-palm handshakes, being either too formal or too intimate for loose-trousered hetero males, give way to the knuckle handshake. Make a fist. Hold it out in front of you, palms down, and press your exposed knuckles to those of the person you wish to greet or acknowledge. For added effect, frown in solidarity and say, “yo.”

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