Meet the New Dodgers GM

You know that icky feeling you get when you bite down on some aluminum foil? This is kind of the same thing, although for all I know he’s a really nice guy. Well, you know, he is…er, was… just a Giant. Eewwwww!

Dodgers tab Colletti as new GM

LOS ANGELES — The Dodgers raided the front office of the archrival San Francisco Giants on Tuesday by hiring Ned Colletti as general manager.

Colletti, 50, has been vice president and assistant general manager to Giants GM Brian Sabean for the past nine seasons. Granted broad authority by Sabean, Colletti’s duties have included assisting in the acquisition of players, overseeing waiver and rule compliance, formulating salary arbitration cases and managing roster payroll.

Dodgers owner Frank McCourt will introduce Colletti as the Dodgers’ GM at a press conference scheduled for 9 a.m. PT Wednesday.

Now if we just had a manager and coaching staff. Oh, and a new center fielder. And left fielder. And firstbaseman. And some new starting pitchers….

4 thoughts on “Meet the New Dodgers GM”

  1. Screw that guy… and screw the f’ing McCourts. I’m done with these idiots until they run out of Money and some other jerk-off buys the team. Sigh.

  2. Oh, well this totally makes sense. See, the Dodgers went 71-91 last season, while the jints went an incredible 75-87. So this is, uh, an improvement. Or something.

    Now I understand why there was always a short bus parked in Frank McCourt’s spot at Chavez Ravine.

  3. Anyone remember Kansas city when they first were in the American league not only were they the langhing stock of everyone they constantly gave their best players away including to the yankee’s who won championships with those guys later the laughing stocks moved to Oakland with a real loser as an owner ..Lo and behold they built a powerhouse team that won and won and won

    moral to this story its time to build great owners,general managers,and managers and eventually world champions (you have to start some place. The Dodgers lost the greatest mind in baseball in one night Al Campanis …Had he still been around they would be tops

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