LAPD Special Treatment?

Via NBC4:

Video Of ‘Steve-O’ Outside Club Prompts LAPD Investigation
Actor Seen Talking With Police After Claiming He Had Bag Of Pot

POSTED: 1:05 pm PST November 15, 2005
UPDATED: 1:45 pm PST November 15, 2005

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — A videotape of an actor holding what appeared to be a bag of marijuana in front Los Angeles police officers, who took no action, has prompted an internal investigation, police said Tuesday.

Steve “Steve-O” Glover of MTV’s “Jackass” and “Wild Boys” left the Hollywood club Mood, 6623 Hollywood Blvd., about 3 a.m. Nov. 2 and held up a bag for a photographer with the entertainment news Web site, saying, “I’ve been smoking pot all night,” the site reported.

About 90 seconds later, Glover approached two officers in a patrol car, and one of them said, “We all saw you,” according to TMZ.

“You saw me with the weed?” asked Glover, according to the Web site, who then gave the officer a knuckle handshake and walked away.