8 thoughts on “Got Needle?”

  1. VAMCO is fantastic for cleaning. (don’t know re: tailoring). Beloved by us and our Redesdale dwelling best buds. Miss Vamco as much as we miss Netty’s. Now. Your turn: Anybody know good Eagle Rock cleaners??

  2. Thanks, Bwanster, but what I really need is a tailor. I just figured I’d have the item I’m taking in cleaned as well as repaired, so if there’s a combo out there then all the better.

  3. the golden needle on hillhurst in los feliz is amazing. $$ but worth it if it’s a valued piece of clothing or particularly involved. not sure if they clean.

  4. I always liked the lady near the El 7 Mares on Sunset. She’s on the same side of the street, away from Silverlake BLvd. In a green building, with her handmade purses out front. Don’t go speeding by!

  5. I highly recommend Henry the Tailor on Pico, 2 blocks west of La Cienega (beware the yellow pages, he recently moved from a different location on Pico). His location is a bit seedy, but he is very cool and extremely good (ex-Head Tailer at Armani in BH).

  6. I tried to find Mike’s Tailor on South Los Angeles Street downtown, but came up with one of Main Street & one on Santee Street. Which one are you talking about Josh?

    FYI- The main street charges $5 for a pair of mpants hemed (50% discount on average).

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