Last Change to Give Us a Piece of You Mind

You might have noticed that little button up there for the Reader’s Survey. We’ve had it there for a few days but are taking it down in the next day or so. If you haven’t taken a moment and filled it out yet then I’m going to beg one more time, please, pretty please go ahead and give it a whirl. There’s only 15 questions and only half of them are there to pad our egos. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Last Change to Give Us a Piece of You Mind”

  1. As someone addicted to and a dozen other metblogs, I can’t wait to read the survey results. Also, please keep the ads (if they pay enough to keep this going), as they are, most of the time, ads for stuff I am interested in. Advertising is good, as it helps me learn about new products or services.

  2. If we read more than one Metblogs for different cities, would we take the survey only once, or from each site? If only one, should it be taken from the primary site read, or the one closest to where you live?

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