Eddie Guerrero, R.I.P…

2005_11_14_eddie_guerrero.jpgThe passing of WWE superstar Eddie Guerrero yesterday in Minnesota is such a tragic event.

Guerrero was one of the top stars on the Smackdown! brand. Due to his star wattage and Latino heritage, he and Rey Mysterio were top draws for the largely Hispanic audience that’ve gone to the tapings at Staples Center, not to mention the tapings elsewhere in California (San Francisco, Fresno, Bakersfield, and San Diego) and the Southwest. In fact, those two wrestlers were the reason that Smackdown! was the top non-Spanish program among Hispanics in America.

In addition, Guerrero’s life seemed to be on the upswing after battling some demons that had haunted him (injuries from a major auto accident as well as addictions to alcohol and prescription painkillers, not to mention domestic issues with his family).

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Reading the tributes from fellow wrestlers like Mysterio and Chris Jericho, you see the reason why Guerrero was widely-regarded as one of the most entertaining, talented, and respected pro wrestlers in the industry.

Tonight’s episode of RAW and Friday’s episode of Smackdown! will be most interesting to watch because Vince McMahon decided to forgo existing storylines and make both shows a tribute to Guerrero’s life and career. Based on the reports I’ve read thus far, the tribute by his longtime friend Chris Benoit will be a particular highlight to watch for.

Thank you, Latino Heat. You will be missed, and you will always be a champion. My condolences to your friends and your family.

(Photo courtesy of WWE.)

UPDATE: WWE has a link set up for fans to send their condolences, and they have also uploaded videos from RAW and Unlimited where many of the superstars shared their memories of Guerrero (I recommend the ones with Chavo Guerrero, Chris Benoit, Rey Mysterio, Eric Bischoff, JBL, and Vince McMahon from the beginning of RAW). They’ve also posted a message from Guerrero’s wife Vickie, an interview with Jericho regarding Guerrero’s death, a career retrospective, numerous photo galleries, and video clips.

13 thoughts on “Eddie Guerrero, R.I.P…”

  1. He Fixed his life after drugs & alcohol, Went to the top, “We will miss you Eddie” Thanks for the memorys

  2. I just heard tonite of Eddie Guerrero’s death. He was not a fave of mine, but he was an awesome wrestler. He will indeed be sorely missed. Condolences to his family. R.I.P., Eddie.

  3. I’ve loved watching Eddie for quite a few years….He was a class act and I will really miss his great personality. Sincerest condolences to his family and friends.

  4. I miss you eddie guerrero and no matter what you will always be champion to all of your fans especially me. Condolences to his family!

    You will always be in my heart?

  5. Eddie was a good wrestler he was funny and that is the main part of him that is what made eddie the bestest wrestler he will never be forgoten but now he is gone but he is in a better place EDDIE THANKS FOR THE LAUGHS YOU GAVE US AND WE WILL ALL SEE YOU AGAIN . LOVE BENJAMIN ALVAREZ

  6. He fixed his life from drugs and alcohal and dedicated himself to his family and to wrestling in the WWE he was 1 of the best and funniest wrestlers of all time R.I.P THE LEGENDARY EDDIE GUERRERO

  7. Coming from the city where he started, i can truly say that i will miss him. I did not know his family personally, but i send my condolences out to them. He was a hero to me because it’s hard to make it big in this town and he went all the way… RIP, mi amigo.

  8. people from mexico was proud of him for been representing all the mexicanos from mexico and all the country he is and orgullo hispano for been acting the way remember hes not dead he still with us and in our lifes i like the way he figh as a macho with guevos he is going to be with us for life.

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