Union Station: Then & Now

When I first saw the iron framework go up to the south of Union Station back in 2004, I was perturbed at the potential cloaking effect that new structure might have on one of L.A.’s finest architectural treasures. Though I still would rather Union Station had been left unencroached upon, I was somewhat pleased when that new building ended up being relatively unobtrusive. Not so with the steaming monstrosity presently being piled up on the corner of Cesar Chavez and Alameda. Union Station? What Union Station?

The end result of this new blockade may very well echo the station’s style and grandeur, but all I know is that what once was this marvelous view of the venerable transit depot:


Is now this.


And that sucks.

5 thoughts on “Union Station: Then & Now”

  1. Yeah I hate that too. What is it that they’re building there? Please tell me it’s not another one of those monstrosity Orsini type of apartments.

  2. i completely agree. i’ve been watching the diminishing view since the work began many months ago and very saddened by it. however this project has been “on the books” for a number of years. if you go into the MTA building behind Union Station and go up to the 2nd floor there is a mural by James Doolin titled Los Angeles After 2000, the painting was completed in 1995 showing plans that were slated for future development…there’s a whole slew of buildings circling the station in the mural. it’s worth a jaunt into the building to see that and other murals he did on the history of the landscape of LA.

  3. I agree, there is too much clutter being added around there. It’s too bad we can’t have some open places left downtown.

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