It’s a Raymond Chandler Evening…

chandler.jpgThe Silverlake Film Festival is holding a fundraiser this Sunday night film noir style. Celebrating Raymond Chandler, one of America’s classic detective novelists (The Big Sleep, The Blue Dahlia) and a Los Angeles resident; the evening will include readings of his works in addition to a tour of the very cool Hollyhock House designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

It’s not a cheap date, but considering you’re supporting a local festival and have the opportunity to dress up in classic film noir style count me there! For more information and to buy tickets, go here. Now, where are my cigarette holders?

4 thoughts on “It’s a Raymond Chandler Evening…”

  1. I believe you mean “The Black Dahlia” which was actually written by contemporary writer James Ellroy.

    Chandler wrote The Lady in the Lake, Farewell my Lovely, The Long Goodbye… just to mention those turned into films. And of course, as you metion, the Big Sleep.

  2. Yeah, but why mention a screenplay when you’ve just called him a novelist? You might as well bring up Double Indemnity (a screenplay he adapted).

    Along with the novels mentioned, The High Window, The Little Sister, and Playback are some of the best pieces of crime fiction ever. IMHO, of course. (The less said about Poodle Springs, the better.)

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