Governator takes responsibility

Schwarzenegger finally stops taking all that special interest money he told us he wouldn’t need, and takes responsibility (nominally, at least) for nice big “Fuck you” California voters delivered to him on Tuesday:

Two days after suffering a stinging election defeat, a conciliatory Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger took responsibility for the failure of his initiatives and said he learned that he needs more patience in seeking government reform.

“The buck stops with me,” he told reporters Thursday during a Capitol news conference, referring to the clean sweep against his proposals in Tuesday’s special election. “I take full responsibility for this election. I take full responsibility for its failure.”

Really? Does that mean you’ll repay the cost of this stupid election nobody but you wanted out of your own pocket?

Asked if there was anything he would do differently, Schwarzenegger said, “If I was to make another Terminator movie, I would tell Terminator to travel back in time to tell Arnold not to have another special election.”

Ah, yes. George W(orst president ever) Bush has his “it’s hard, hard work” bit, and Arnold has his “I’m an action movie star” bit to fall back on when things get tough. You guys are doing a heckuva job.

Dear Democrats: try not to fuck it up this time, okay?

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  1. Wil, thanks for the info, as I missed this news item and was all set to hate Governer Arnold Schwarzenegger even more, because he wouldn’t cop to anything. But now that I see that he had (for a moment) a nodule of integrity, I’ll just hate him the normal amount.

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