Need a Job?


That’s a sign I saw at one of the coolest video/dvd rental shops in town this morning. If you know about them and are interested, now is you chance. Conversely, if being a super hero is more what you are looking for in the way of employment you might be interested in knowing that the LAFD is accepting on-line applications now. And of course, if you get either of these jobs and start making fat cash you owe me lunch.

3 thoughts on “Need a Job?”

  1. Boy they should! I’m considering leaving the gallery to work with the fine folks at Video Journey’s. Most of the time, I like going there more than I like the movies…and I like the movies a lot.

  2. Do they screen for handsomeness at the LAFD? I swear, I have never seen an ugly fireman, and it’s not just because I’m so grateful they exist, period.

    As an aside, if you get into the LAFD, you can also moonlight in commercials. One of the many (cute!) fireman at an audition the other day said half of the BHFD has their SAG cards.

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