Voting Report: Silver Lake


Caryn and I took a hike this morning and walked up to our local polling place around 10:15 AM. The place was vacant. There were more poll workers than people voting, in fact there was a lady leaving as we walked in, while we were there we were the only two voters, and as we were leaving one person was walking in. Crickets and tumbleweeds I tell you. Maybe it’s because people just don’t care about the stuff on the plate at the moment or maybe they looked through the issues and thought “are you kidding me?” I know that while I was reading through some of the issues for this special election I couldn’t help but think that “special” was just another word for “retarded.”

4 thoughts on “Voting Report: Silver Lake”

  1. You were at the polling place at 10:15 AM. Most people are at work at 10:15 AM. I was there two hours earlier – before work – and did not notice the emptiness you speak of.

  2. Rael? Since when do you live in LA?

    Anyway, that’s the same time I always go to the polls and there’s always considerably more people there.

  3. At the place I voted in Hancock Park, there was a huge line. But it wasn’t because there were a lot of people – the voting booths were nearly empty. It was because a dour old lady was running the show and was looking up names in the registration records by going through page by page, starting with “A,” no matter if the person’s last name began with “S.” If that person tried to direct her to the “S” tab, she got angry and snapped back that she knew what she was doing. The volunteers all looked harried and exasperated. While I feel bad that the woman’s age probably contributed to her inability to look up names quickly, her demeanor made me completely unsympathetic.

    That meant it took about 15 minutes to wait in line, 5 minutes for Ms. Angrypants to look up your name, and 15 seconds to vote.

  4. Sean – you and I poll at the same place and there was a very long line this morning (well, eight people in front of me) and because of the combined precincts for this election, all of the little booths were filled.

    It took longer than “dashing in with my cheat sheet.”

    I like the fact that we got a write in ballot this time. Anyone write anything in?

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