Voting on the easssside

I headed over to my local polling place around 3:15 this afternoon. It wasn’t the usual polling place for my area, but we found it after a little hunting. It wasn’t that easy to find, but we eventually located it and got in. The only issue I had (aside from the fact that a polling place in a low-income neighborhood was situated in a hard-to-find location with little signage) was that the handicapped parking was very far from the entrance to the polling place. I can’t drive this week because I have a severely sprained ankle and can’t flex my foot to use my clutch, so my neighbor drove me over. He’s disabled. We parked as close as we could and limped our way into the polling place. It wasn’t a horrific hardship or anything, but I’d like to see a little more effort to accommodate disabled voters.

Since I usually volunteer at the polls, I knew a couple of the pollworkers, so I asked what the turnout had been like during the day. She told me about 300 people had been through already. In our district, that would mean a ~25% turnout, but for special elections, we’re combined with the next district over, so it’s hovering around 15% of the total (their district is smaller). That might sound low, but we usually have something between 10-15% total turnout during anything but general elections, so hopefully the after-work crowd will kick it up to at least 25-30%.

If you haven’t voted and don’t know where your polling place is, check the L.A. County Polling Place Locator. And remember, if you’ve recently moved, didn’t change your registration, and can’t make it to your old polling place, you can still vote – just ask to fill out a provisional ballot at your local polling place.