Special Election 2005 Update: Crickets in K-town

Sadly, my experience this morning mirrored Sean & Caryn’s more than 5000!’s: when I went to vote at the Korean Resource Center, my usual polling place, it was empty. E-M-P-T-Y. Except, oddly enough, for the extra polling staff they’d put on for this election (it was way crowded for the last two).

One interesting note: the stamp-vote feature makes it a little easier to see where those before you have gone. Before they figured out they were to make their mark in the little hole on the right-hand page, they inked the little circles on the left-hand page.

The ones that said “no”.

Again and again and again.

Which gives me some faint hope that the people who did show up for this vote are the ones who are disgusted by the carnival our governor saw fit to throw at vast public expense.

8 thoughts on “Special Election 2005 Update: Crickets in K-town”

  1. Yea Collen, you go girl.
    153 elections last year, incumbents won 151 and two incumbents RETIRED.
    Is that democracy you stupid cunt?

    Fuck free speech and let union boss decide how union memembers money is going to spent, not matter what their politics or opinion is.
    That’s great.

  2. as a california state employee union member I can tell you that union members can currently opt out of having their dues spent on politics. The measure 75 is not about that it’s about shutting up unions who worked hard to defeat governators stupid proposal to nix death benifits and to roll back on retirement agreements along with other changes. We work hard for less and in return we expect holidays and retirement.

    you can go f yourself collen.

  3. I do so love commenters who can’t make their point without resorting to personally insulting the poster. It really demonstrates their intelligence and wit.

    In any case, I was happy to see a decent turnout at my polling place, and hope that more people show up in K-town. Usually there’s a big rush of voters after 5 PM.

  4. Alex wrote, “I can tell you that union members can currently opt out of having their dues spent on politics.”

    Okay Alex lets assume you right. A union member can opt out with no problems and no consequences.
    So what is the problem with getting the members permission before its done?
    By the fact that the unions are spending so much to defeat this and from my own experience in a union, YOUR FULL OF SHIT.

  5. Is anyone else getting a kick out of Collen’s mad spelling and grammer skillz?? “lets assume you right” “your full of shit” – it’s too much! I love it!!

  6. Hey Collen, is the apostrophe key on your keyboard broken? It’s probably next to your Correct Grammar and Convincing Argument keys, which both appear to be broken as well.

  7. being so mad that you can’t take the time to spell or formulate proper grammar whilst trolling seems to be a reoccurring problem on the interwebs.

  8. “Is that democracy you stupid cunt?”

    Thank you, Collen! It had been too long since I had a quotation of the day for communicatrix.

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