Nix the First Six!

I forget to change my voter registration to my new Downtown address, so I voted in Fullerton today. The poll wasn’t too crazy when I voted at around 1pm, and as usual the pollsters were very helpful, warning me not to push the red button until I was done, although I was incorrect when I guessed that pushing the red button would cause the e-voting machine to explode. I am glad that I was given a receipt, but I’m still not fully comfortable with voting on a computer. On the way down from a meeting I had in the valley, I saw several signs on freeway overpasses, saying “Go Vote!” and “Nix the First Six.” I also hear on the radio that the state expected 42% turnout, which I think is great. It will be interesting to see how much the props lose by, I’m guessing somewhere around 20-30 points.