It’s good to be the king (or the mayor)

According to this story if you are the Mayor of LA you can get free private jet flights all over the country at the drop of a hat from companies you used to work for, and if someone starts asking questions about “ethics” of taking “gifts” like than they all you have to do to get out of trouble is throw down a few hundred bucks, the cost of a commercial flight on the same route. I wonder if I can hook something like that up for bloggers or gallery owners, I know that I sure as shit would rather fly on a private jet next time I need to be someplace outside of LA – I’ll even pay the same I would to fly American. Hell, I’ll pay that PLUS $50. Who do you think I need to talk to about that?

3 thoughts on “It’s good to be the king (or the mayor)”

  1. All my bags are packed
    I’m ready to go
    Ameriquest is at my door
    Predatory lenders know how to fly
    But the laws I’m breakin’
    Won’t cause my fall
    The risk’s worth takin’
    For Roland Arnall
    Ethics rules, for me,
    They don’t apply

    So dine me, and lobby me
    Tell me that you’ll pay for me
    Lobbyists will always give me dough
    ’cause I’m leavin’ on a jet plane
    Not flying on coach again
    Oh no, I’m Antonio

  2. Sadly, what was overlooked was the courageous stand he took by refusing to sit in the back of the corporate jet.

  3. Dude this is exactly what I have been waiting for! I NEED to do my flying on a nonstop, my-scheduled, baby-free corporate jet – I just don’t have the 20 GRAND to plunk down for the privilege.

    How great to know all I have to do is become the jackass hypocrite mayor of LA and my dremas can all come true!

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