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Anne and I voted this afternoon around three, and we were the 299th and 300th voters in our precinct.

If you’re interested in election returns, you can join me in F5-ing this webpage.

Right now, all of Arnold’s bullshit powergrab proposals are failing, except for 74 and 75, which are hovering around 52%. The looney religious whackos are leading in prop 73, also with 52%.

Update (9:40 PM): With 22.9% of precincts reporting, all props are failing now, including Prop. 74. Props 73 (51.2 to 48.8) and 75 (53.5 to 46.5) have steadily fallen in the last 40 minutes. Los Angeles county appears to only have turned in absentee ballots, but so far we are giving a resounding “go fuck yourself” to the governor.

Update (10:01 PM): Los Angeles has yet to come in, but with 31.3% reporting, only 75 is passing, and just barely at 52 to 48.

Update (10:24 PM): Arnold just gave a speech that sounded remarkably conciliatory. Linda Breakstone is trying as hard as she can to spin for the Republicans on KCAL, even as she interviews Warren Beatty and Annette Benning. She should send that tape to FOX News Channel, because it’s a great audition.

Update (11:12 PM): 75 just flipped to “N,” but just barely. It’s currently 49.9 to 50.1. Everything else is trending “no.”

Update (12:14 AM): with 77% of precincts reporting, all propositions are headed for defeat, and I’m going to sleep.

Great waste of time and money, Arnold.


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  1. “Anne and I voted this afternoon around three, and we were the 299th and 300th voters in our precinct.”

    -that’s lucky.

  2. #192 here when I went at 11am. Of course, I voted for most of those “bullshit powergrab” props, so :-p

    I can’t believe the parental notification thing will get passed though. That’s so disappointing. Regardless of where someone stands on the issue, what a stupid thing to write into the constitution.

    As for the others, I gotta love the redistricting. These crazy gerrymandered districts have got to be changed and I thought this was a great plan, despite Judge Wapner’s opinion. Same with teacher tenure. Tenure is such a silly thing to have in elementary and secondary education anyway.

    Let me cut whatever I want from the budget? OK, I’ll give you that one. :)

  3. Rob, I totally and completely disagree with you, but it’s so nice to have a commenter talk politics without resorting to name calling and obscenity that I just wanted to say thanks. I wish a couple of our other recent contributors had your head on their shoulders.

  4. Holycrap! Just when I was getting depressed thinking that the parental notification bill was passing, it now looks like the “no” votes are winning.
    What a tight frickin’ race! Don’t know if we’ll know the final outcome for a few days…

  5. Well, I’m too much in the middle to start shouting at either side. All my liberal friends think I’m Joe McCarthy and all my conservative friends think I’m Michael Moore (Ok, maybe I don’t trend that far!).

    I actually really hate the idea of partisan politics which is why I supported these propositions. I like that Schwarzenegger is continuing to find ways to break up the status quo in Sacramento despite whatever onslaughts there are against his popularity ratings. Things are too far out of balance right now, and I’d like to see them come back into balance.

    But, like Wil said, the most important FU is at the ballot box, not on the blog page. What’s the point in screaming it here (particularly if you read here for any length of time and get a feel for the politics of the palce)?

    We’ll see how they all turn out.

  6. I actually agree with Rob and think that redistricting is a good idea. I was all for it in fact until I red the bit about how the districts are drawn, inplemented, and then voted on. That seems like a cluster fuck and just waiting for endless battles. IF voters have a right of rejection, that should happen BEFORE they are implemented. The current districting is a nightmare though and it needs major changing.

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