All’s Fair in Love and Anti-War Sermons

At first, I was irritated yesterday when I read the in the LA Times about the IRS dogging the All Saints Church in Pasadena about an antiwar sermon that was given during the 2004 election. If anything, they should be hounding all the evangelical churches in this nation who repeatedly endorse conservative candidates and policies…like anti-abortion laws. The tax code in our fair land doesn’t allow non-profits to intervene for or against any political campaign or candidate. But then I realized that if they went after an anti-war stance, there would be lawsuits aplenty against the more vocal conservatives churches across the nation. I was right…it did touch a nerve because now Ted Haggard, the head of the National Assoicaiton of Evangelicals is up in arms about the investigation…as are many pastors of conservative congregations. They can clearly see that their own violations run much deeper than one liberal sermon against the war! And that they can only be next. Yeah, baby!!!