Will the Owner Of The Gray Ford Ranger…

parktard.jpg… whose ass end was blocking my driveway from 4 p.m. Sunday afternoon to sometime after I squeezed past to go to work this morning kindly note that the city left you a $42 ticket tucked under your windshield wiper. You are but the latest in a long line of reasons for having parking enforcement’s number programmed into the speed dial list of my cellphone.

By request of a commenter the L.A. City Parking Enforcement phone number is 213/485-4184.

7 thoughts on “Will the Owner Of The Gray Ford Ranger…”

  1. I hear you, Will! I get the same inconsiderate parking iDots at least twice a month! The parking enforcement guys ( and ladies) know me by now. When I can, I usually request a tow, in addition to the ticket. But you must be present for them to call the tow-truck, but you don’t need to wait for the towing. Like you, I usually photograph them, and the plates as well. I wish we could get away with crashing a vehicle into the rear!

  2. may i recommend a farm jack aka a high-lift… you can jack the vehicle up about 3 feet off the ground and then push it over and it ends up moving it about 2 feet. =] works great for when your truck is stuck in a ditch or when some jerk is blocking your driveway.

  3. Can you post the parking enforcement phone number? I HATE the people who park their cars on the street during rush hour right under the sign that reads, “No parking 4-7 pm.”

  4. do what I did- paint the curb red for 5+ feet. just mask it off with tape so the lines are nice and sharp and spray away. worked wonders for me and my driveway.

  5. I’ve been towing and ticketing my entire neighborhood for the exact same thing. Unfortunately, rather than thinking that maybe they shouldn’t block a driveway, the offenders now have declared war. Next door guy just trimmed all his trees, threw them over into my yard and called the fire department to cite me. Ah… good thinking dude…especially since you illegally built a fence that is not to code (attaching one end to a tree on my property via rope is not advised).

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