Made a Left on Normandie…

From Beverly around 10PM last night headed to a crazy karaoke place in Koreatown and there were so many accidents on the street I thought Halle Berry had just driven through. The first block south of Normandie there was a pickup truck that had rear ended a sedan on the northbound side of the street and a few blocks south was another car in the southbound side that had clearly just hit something. The intersection of 6th street was a total mess as there were two wrecked cars sans drivers, cop cars, and about a block away a few officers holding some guys on the ground at gun point. Don’t know if they were the cause of everything but it was nasty over there from a vehicular perspective.

5 thoughts on “Made a Left on Normandie…”

  1. What a surprise. A white boy from Florida is amazed. I guess you don\’t know the area too well. And yet you want to write about LA as if you know all about it.

  2. Oh, excuse fucking me, I wasn’t aware that it’s common place for there to be three car wrecks in a 6 block stretch of any street – perhaps you could explain what the neighborhood has to do with that? Also, could you explain why I’m from Florida? I’m especially interested in the answer to that one.

  3. I was caught in the same mess around the same time. I hope you weren’t the driver I cut off to turn down a side street, and that you weren’t the guy who did the same to me at the next light. :)

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