Dah Bears?

Uh… I just turned the TV to undefeated UCLA who are playing 2-6 Arizona and it’s the top of the fourth quarter and the funniest thing happened with the scoreboard on the screen being reversed showing the Bruins with 7 points and the Wildcats with 52. That’s a joke, right?


One thought on “Dah Bears?”

  1. Wil, that’s a keen observation. I’ve been in contact with our local affiliate to make sure the scoreboard mishap gets rectified pronto. They’ve assured me that they’ll have it corrected in time for the last home game of the season next Saturday. As a consolation and in conjunction with the UCLA Football team, they will be cooking up some “Arizona State Sun Devil” throughout the game next Saturday.

    I’m sure you’ll be able to smell what the Sons of Westwood will be cooking up at the Rose Bowl back in Los Angeles.

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