Jesse Metcalfe is on Justin’s shit list

OH. MY. GOD. What a turd. Can you believe this ultra flauntage of celebrity? Completely denying the little guy a high five. That is bullshit if you ask me. Bullshit. This from dude. man. phat.:

“Dude. Seriously.

I just saw you at the Farmer’s Market at the Grove. You were walking inside the entrance near Johnny Rocket’s. I was walking out the opposite way with an enjoyable Frappuccino. I saw you coming from far away (I’m tall) and said to my friend, ‘It’s Metcalfe. Dude got Gabrielle Solis pregnant, man!’ So I began the high five motion in celebration as a show of manpower. You know, as in ‘good job mofo!’ And what did you do?

You denied my high five…”

It goes on, and it gets worse. Tsk tsk…

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