OC Shooter Asked Something Awful Users Where to Buy Ammo

How messed up is this…you know the OC kid that put on a crazy suit and went on a shooting rampage last week? Well, here’s a link to a Something Awful thread (with other links to earlier threads) where the users are realizing that it’s the same kid that posted the thread about where to buy heavy buckshot earlier and he actually bought heavy buckshot based on their recommendations and then went out and killed two people. The thread title, Holy Fucking Shit, couldn’t be more apt.

3 thoughts on “OC Shooter Asked Something Awful Users Where to Buy Ammo”

  1. I’m sorry but I need to take umbrage with your “put on a crazy suit…” comment.

    This is an excerpt from the LA Times about William Freund, the accused:

    “The messages paint a portrait of a troubled young man struggling with Asperger’s syndrome, a neurological disorder described as a variant of autism that hampers people’s ability to interact socially. He revealed his anguish and frustration on a website, wrongplanet.net, used by people with Asperger’s.”

    While it doesn’t lessen his actions, this young man was suffering from a disease that is misunderstood and doesn’t get alot of press but affects alot of people. I’m not trying to paint him as a victim but he tried, albeit in a limited fashion, to reach out for help. To label him as “crazy” is misinformed.

  2. You’re taking umbrage with something I didn’t say. “Crazy”, in that sentence, is an adjective modifying “suit.” As in “wearing a black cape, helmet and paintball mask,” which, regardless of your mental state, is an out-of-the-ordinary thing to wear. I didn’t say or pass judgement on his mental well being at all.

  3. Misunderstood illness it may be, Fred. But saying that it’s misinformed to call Freund crazy is a bit of a reach. Doing what he did to his victims and himself was fucking insane. Period.

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