Red Light Cameras, or not?

Here’s some fun Tuesday morning info about those Red Light Cameras all over the city – They haven’t been working since June. Of course that info wasn’t made public because the people who put these things up in the first place wanted people to think they were still working. You know, a “visual deterrent” because the make the intersections safer, right? Wrong. Not only do they NOT prevent accidents, but they seem to encourage them. That’s right, accidents go UP at intersections after Red Light Cameras are installed. But the city makes more money from tickets, so that’s OK right? I mean, unless the cameras haven’t been working in months, they we get all of the accidents without any of the ticket revenue. But all will be better soon since the Council Public Safety Committee just voted 3-2 to go ahead and spend $3.12 million to double the number of red light cameras here in LA. Way to go.

Bonus – Bernard Parks, Ed Reyes and Jack Weiss voted in favor, Dennis Zine and Greig Smith (both former LAPD officers) voted against.

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